From the fashion brand that brought you new comfortable room wear,
gelato pique brings you our newest addition,
introducing a new concept for sophistication seeking adults of all ages,
gelato pique cafe.

Always valuing most our customers health and happiness,
we bring you the concept of "comfort foods".
In an creative atmosphere full of new ideas and concepts,
we serve carefully selected ingredients, food and drinks.

gelato pique cafe creperie

a casual take out cafe for your a casual bite to eat.
*¹Shop floor area about 26~50㎡

gelato pique cafe

Our eatin cafe serving you our signature dishes,Secret recipe crepes and freshly baked croissants
*²Shop floor area about 80~150㎡

gelato pique cafe bioconcept


gelato pique cafe restaurant

Our luxurious flagship restaurant serving you the unique full line menu of gelato pique cafe.
*³Shop floor area about 150~330㎡